Personalized Engraved Plaques

Your plaque will be personalized with your company name, category, and 2023 award. Delivery is expected at the end of December.

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Magazine Ads

Each year we publish the Orlando’s Best results in a classy, full-color, printed magazine. It will announce the finalists, winners, and sponsors for this year’s awards. Circulation is expected to be 10,000 or more and it will be distributed to businesses and affluent households around your company location(s). It is scheduled to hit mailboxes in January.

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Magazine ad pricing begins at just $950. With this Double Your Deposit promotion, you will have $600 in credits to apply to any sized ad. This would leave a minimum balance due of $350 for the smallest ad. The deposit is non-refundable except in the case we do not publish the magazine at our sole discretion.

How to Purchase

  1. Claim your nomination, or if you’ve already claimed it, login to the dashboard.
  2. Go to the Plaques OR the Magazine tab
  3. Purchase your plaques or magazine ad deposit